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WATCH — Craig Finn Interview On 101.9 KINK FM

March 24th, 2017

Before launching into a short set at the Skype Live Studios in Portland, OR, Craig Finn speaks a bit to the title of his new album, “We All Want The Same Things,” and how it translates in today’s climate.

WATCH — Shy Girls Perform Live At KEXP

March 11th, 2017

Shy Girls recently did a KEXP session where they performed “You Like The Pain Too.” “Why I Love,” “What If I Can” and “Trivial Motion.”

Watch the session below!

LISTEN — Shy Girls On WNYC’s Soundcheck Podcast

February 25th, 2017

Shy Girls is a one-man band out of Portland Oregon, who is now based in Los Angeles. That one man is Dan Vidmar, who has a remarkable voice and a knack for dreamy, often dark-hued songs that blend R&B and electronica. After releasing an EP and a mixtape, the debut full-length by Shy Girls came out in January, and Dan has put together a touring version of the band that has joined us today in the SC studio.”

— via WNYC

LISTEN — Jean-Michel Jarre Talks “Electronica 1: The Time Machine”

February 15th, 2017

“French electronic music pioneer Jean-Michel Jarre‘s album, “Electronica 1: The Time Machine,” has a Grammy nomination for Best Dance/Electronic Album. But “Electronica 1” is actually just half of an ambitious two-album project that includes “Electronica 2: The Heart of Noise.” For this ambitious project, Jarre recorded with more than 30 artists from all over the world, from the French band Air to the musician Moby to film director/composer John Carpenter. He even got cyber leaker Edward Snowden to pitch in.” — via The Frame

Listen to the full interview below, or click here if you prefer to read the highlights.


WATCH — Run The Jewels “Tiny Desk Concert”

February 6th, 2017

“Like any good pair of twins, Run the Jewels have a freaky sort of unspoken fraternity. When El-P and Killer Mike strode in with their usual uniforms — Mike in a gold chain as thick as a garter snake, El in a fitted Yankees cap and pair of blue-mirrored sunglasses — the two didn’t have to do as much as nod to one another before upending three tracks from their latest LP, RTJ3, in strange and perfect symbiosis.

El-P (née El-Producto, née Jaime Meline) — rapper, producer, and all-around godfather of the backpacker scene of the late-90’s — and Killer Mike — known for guest features on tracks by Atlanta’s Dungeon Family in the early-aughts, solo work in the mid-to-late ’00s, and perhaps most widely for his very public support of Senator Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign last year — have out-mused each other in a supergroup that somehow seems to get better, louder, and more pertinent since their start in 2013. They represent an ideal evolution of underground hip-hop to mainstream success, mixing a fundamentally activist animus with IMAX-level production without losing a speck of vital force.

On an unseasonably beautiful day in D.C., Run the Jewels was sweaty and sulfuric, ad-libbing with one another in an exchange so slick, easy, and conspiratorial, it felt like we were in on their shared language.”

— via NPR

Watch the performance below!

WATCH — Tiny Desk Concert ft. BADBADNOTGOOD

January 26th, 2017

BADBADNOTGOOD made a name for itself by reworking songs from the likes of Nas and Ol’ Dirty Bastard, eventually catching the attention of Odd Future leader Tyler, the Creator. The masses took notice in 2015 when the group produced an entire LP for Ghostface Killah, Sour Soul. BADBADNOTGOOD has been called a hip-hop ensemble, but its foundation is clearly jazz, which provides a gateway to countless genres. On IV, the group allows that gateway to widen, adding soul and funk to the repertoire. Still only in their 20s, the band’s members never seemed intimidated by the intimate nature of the Tiny Desk; if anything, it accentuated their enthusiasm. This was their zone. They played three selections from IV — including “Cashmere,” which only slightly veered from the studio version, and “In Your Eyes,” which features Charlotte Day Wilson’s vocals. The tight arrangement allowed Wilson to hover gently above the instrumentation, showing off the band’s most promising work to date. It was a pleasure to have BADBADNOTGOOD at the desk for IV — and exciting to imagine what’s in store for V, VI and beyond.” — via NPR

WATCH — Bombino Plays KEXP

July 3rd, 2016


The full in-studio session from Bombino‘s KEXP performance is now available for streaming on YouTube. Watch the band perform “Akhar Zaman,” “Timidiwa,” “Iwaranagh,” “Tar Hani” and “Timtar” below!